My journey into the golf apparel business came from three things, my love for the game, my love for golf fashion, and my desire to have all eyes on me. ThereYouGoGolf literally started from a sewing machine in the basement, my willingness to learn to sew, my desire to create my own golf shirt and brand that fits my style. This started out as only a hobby but after numerous complements on my golf shirts, I decided I couldn’t just keep this style to myself.

ThereYouGoGolf, this was just simply a name put to a phrase that I use on and off the course. But who knew that name would lead to a logo that embodies the brand. It’s




Which all lead me to the final piece, the golf hat. I started out as a golfer that wanted to make a great golf shirt for myself. However, I think I became more known for my Golf hats, than my Golf Shirts.  

At ThereYouGoGolf, I have a creative hand in every shirt and hat. No product is designed and created by someone else where I come along and slap my logo on it. My goal for every ThereYouGoGolf product is to get someone to stop and compliment the wearer and to give them the same feeling I had wearing a TYG shirt. At the end of the day a ThereYouGoGolf Golfer, wears a product that keeps all eyes on them because…

We Dress Confident, To Play Confident. 

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